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We aim to impress you and your guests with the best photo booth experience available in Jamaica. Everything from our feature packed services, exciting props, gorgeous backdrop selection and our friendly Photo Booth Attendants ensure a complete upscale experience every time

The Dream Spin "FREEDOM" 360 Overhead Video Booth is our newest addition to our Video Booth line-up.

The Dream Spin "FREEDOM" 360 Overhead Video Booth is an all-in-one, interactive video booth experience. It is perfect for creating an immersive, fun-filled event that captures the perfect moment. The Dream Spin "FREEDOM" 360 Overhead Video Booth is a great addition to any event, whether it’s for a wedding, birthday party, or corporate events.

Unlike the Dream Spin 360 Video Booth that has a platform with a rotating arm that accommodates up to 4 persons, the Dream Spin "FREEDOM" 360 Overhead Video Booth uses a truss system that can accommodate a large group of people in the middle of the truss system, you're guaranteed an epic recording experience. So gather your friends and family, and get ready to create some unforgettable memories with the Dream Spin "FREEDOM" 360 Overhead Video Booth.

The Dream Glam-Bot Video Booth at its most basic, is a specialty camera attached to a robot arm. This camera is then pointed at the subject of the video. While this may sound simple, the entire system is complex but is worth it in the end.

The robot arm controls the camera in a precise and stable way. It can be programmed to move in unique patterns to produce unique videos. These videos are then rendered with special effects, particularly in using slow motion to highlight certain points.

When it comes to the subject, very little is required of them. They simply need to strike a pose and allow the camera to do its work. This makes the Dream Glam-Bot helpful in capturing videos that take little time to capture but that still look impressive.

In addition, the Dream Glam-Bot is able to film a space that accommodates multiple people. This allows it to capture small groups, if necessary.

The Dream Spin 360 Video Booth uses a platform or base that you or your guest(s) stand on. With the press of a button, the camera arm swivels round in a full circle capturing unforgettable footage along the way. With our Exclusive Dream Share System the videos are then instantly downloaded to your smartphone without Internet or Data which allows instant sharing to social media or via e-mail or text so you can share the amazing content created with the world.

If you’re searching for a truly unique experience for your wedding, party or brand activation to loosen up guests and customers the 360 video booth delivers that.

It includes travel time and setup of the photo or video booth, attendants to run the booth, instant download and sharing, huge selection of props, all photos or videos on an Engraved Keepsake USB Thumb Drive and a Customized Keepsake Statement Prop which is yours to keep.

Engraved Keepsake USB Thumb Drive

Photobooth Jamaica is the leading photo booth service on the island. Unlike old-fashioned boxy booths with curtains (think passport booths or airport), an “open-air concept” booth allows your guests to see all the laughter happening and be enticed to join in.

An open style also keeps your options open to everything from beautifully posed group photos to unpredictable photo bombs. Witnessing the fun going on before your eyes is contagious!

Great Question! It takes approximately 2 - 3 hours to set up, test and be ready for your start time and about 45 minutes to take-down & pack-up. This does not go against your Package time.

4 inch x 6 inch Prints are standard with any the Dream Mirror Mini or Dream Photo Booth.  We offer an option to upgrade to 5 inch x 7 inch Prints.

  • We have the Best Instant Sharing Solutions available.  Dream Mirror Mini & Dream Photo Booth Packages that include prints are printed instantly on-site and handed to guests in a clear protective sleeve. Guests also have the option to get a Digital copy via email, text message and Airdrop.
  • Dream Spin 360 Video Booth videos are available to guests with instant download to their smartphone and does not require Internet.

Idle Time is basically a break for the booth. This allows you to split up your Package time, or pause the booth for say an entrance, speeches, games, or other activities you want your guests focused on.  This is best for Bookings with a Cocktail Hour followed by a Reception.

With 500+ props we’ll bring a selection specific to your event for you and your guests to have fun with. We have plenty of funny signs, stylish hats, stellar glasses and Jamaican props— just to name a few. We constantly search the world for the best props and change out our selection often. The choices will vary with event theme and photo booth package chosen.

Our Colorful LED inflatable photo booth accommodates 5 to 8 people, which makes it a great rental option for your event if you want the ability to have group photos.  Once inside the photo booth enclosure, guests will have a great time creating a memorable photo!  They can really cut loose and be silly with this photo booth as it provides their own private, enclosed space.  Indoor or Outdoor Use.

Photo Booth EnclosurePhoto Booth Enclosure

It is an “open concept” photo booth. Like a portrait studio. It uses a fabric backdrop on a stand or the natural setting. We use this style because more people can fit in a picture, and the setup is more flexible – allowing us to set up in virtually any space.  We do offer an Inflatable Enclosure.

Absolutely, and it’s FREE! We’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind print template specific to your event. You also get to choose whether you want 1, 2, 3 or 4 pictures per print.

Generally speaking people go in the booth in groups or at the very least as couples.  If all 100 of your guests enter as couples, then you’d need 50 sessions. Since our booth does 20 - 25 sessions per hour you’d need a minimum of two hours for every couple to get a print. If you anticipate your guest entering solo for their image or if they wish to enter multiple times, then you will need more time. Taking that into consideration we recommend at least an hour and a half for every 50 guests invited. For 100 guests that would be at least 3 hours.

The booth will be turned off at the end of your agreed rental time, even if this is before the ending time of your event. Please note this also applies if there are still guests waiting in line as we need to respect the Photo Booth Coordinator’s time and job schedule. In some cases we can add more time the day of. Please discuss with your Photo Booth Coordinator about extra time the day of the event.

Yes! Our Photo Booth Attendants are highly trained in the art of modern photo-boothing. They will arrive 60-90 minutes before your time, set up and break down the photo booth, assist your guests with questions, props, printing and emailing photos. Our Photo Booth Attendants ensure everyone has memorable experience at your event.

Each session takes approximately one to two minutes.

The ideal space for a Dream Mirror Mini or Dream Photo Booth is 10' x 10' and for the Dream Spin 360 Video Booth is 12' x 12', however we can work under smaller space restrictions.

We won't leave you in the dark!  Although outages & equipment failures are rare, we come prepared with back-up equipment including printer, lights and even a battery UPS that can power us for up to an hour

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10/10 across the board for us.The communication was great, the professionalism was amazing, customer service was chef's kiss. Everyone enjoyed the booth and we loved the personalized touch with the thumb drive and printed pictures."
Photobooth Jamaica
Maggie & Mario: Wedding Couple
"In my opinion (& the opinion's of our guests) PhotoBooth Jamaica was the highlight of the wedding. EVERYTHING was outstanding, from communication, professionalism, personalities, & quality. You truly exceeded my expectations. Could not be happier with my choice to use this company. I highly recommend them."
Photobooth Jamaica, Photo Booth, After the Tone Audio Guest Phone, 360 Video Booth, 360 Photo Booth. Jamaica's best photo booth
Danette: Mother of the Groom
"Veronica was a dream to work with!She was professional and helped me with my destination party with her expertise. Coming from the USA to JA she made it a great experience. The photobooth (Dream Spin FREEDOM Overhead 360) was set up early and our guest loved every minute of it."
Photobooth Jamaica, Photo Booth, After the Tone Audio Guest Phone, 360 Video Booth, 360 Photo Booth. Jamaica's best photo booth
Carine: Event Planner