The Ultimate Wedding Entertainment for Your Special Day

The Dream Spin ‘Freedom‘ 360 Overhead Video Booth Experience stands apart from its popular platform-based cousin as the epitome of Video Booth Entertainment. This revolutionary Overhead concept has created a buzz abroad, delivering an unparalleled video experience without the reliance on a platform. In contrast to the platform version, which allows for 2-3 guests per spin, the Overhead concept eliminates any restrictions on the number of guests appearing in the video simultaneously. It is an ideal choice for showcasing the Bride’s gown, capturing cherished moments with the entire wedding party, and highlighting the fashionistas at the gala.

Experience the Ultimate Dream Spin ‘FREEDOM’ 360 Overhead Video Booth Package, enriched with Unforgettable Enhancements to Transform Your Special Day into a Magical Celebration!

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“One Heart” Dream Spin FREEDOM 360 Overhead Video Booth Bundle Includes

• Up to 4 Hours of Use – One Location

Cocktail Hour: 1 Hour

Idle Time: 1 Hour

Reception: 2 Hours

Idle Time is basically a break or pause for the booth.
This allows you to pause the booth for say an entrance, speeches, games, or other activities you want your guests focused on.

• 4 Gold Post Stanchions & Red Velvet Ropes
• Exclusive Dream Share Instant Video Download *
• Professional Dream Spin 360 Booth Team
•Huge Selection of Wedding Props
• Choice of Pre-Selected or Custom Music
• All Videos on Engraved Keepsake USB Thumb Drive
• After the Tone Audio Guest Book
• High-Capacity Professional Confetti Launcher

• 3 Sections Red Carpet Up to 12 feet long
• Fog/Cloud Special Effects Machine
• FREE Customized Video Overlay Design
• Slow Motion & Special Effects
• Custom Laser Cut Keepsake Statement Prop Sign
• Online Video Gallery For 1 Year
• Dream Spin 360 Animated Video Overlay
• Dream Matrix Prompter

• Travel Time and Set-Up Included

*No Internet or Data Required for Instant Download to guest(s) smartphone (iPhone or Android)

Every Dream Spin FREEDOM 360 Package includes our

Exclusive DreamShare Sharing System

Your guests instantly download the video(s) to their Smartphone (iPhone or Android) in seconds…

not minutes, hours or days later all without having to have an Internet Connection!

No other Photo Booth or 360 Rental offers our Exclusive DreamShare Sharing System.

Designed & created by us it’s only available with Photobooth Jamaica.

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